Someone is trying to get Adam Richman Fired. Someone who has carefully produced only evidence when, taken out of context, paints Adam Richman as a barbaric, fowl-mouthed psycho who randomly lashes out completely unprovoked.

Anyone else here not buying it? Those of us who actually know Adam know this wad of cookie dough is a lying flavor-of-the-minute, and we don’t remember anyone putting in for Tripe Ice Cream.

Her name: Amber Kosarick

Her Job: We can’t tell, we assume unemployed blogger.

Her Claim to Fame: Adipose Activist Blog

Her Mistake: Allowing us to find her.

So, we read her whole blog entry over on Adipose. And the summary is, “Here’s a bunch of proof that Adam Richman attacked me and others completely unprovoked. Sorry, I don’t have an actual proof that I acted totally innocently. Due to a technicality, all of that evidence has been lost.”

Really, Amber? Being an ex Masshole myself, I can smell bulls**t a mile away. And the pile you’re shoveling has gotten so deep it should carry a biohazard label. You attacked Adam, and everyone knows it. So did your little friend. And over what? A stinking obscure Hashtag few even knew about. You wanted notoriety and thought, “Hey, he’s getting pretty big. I see him on Walmart ads, this is a great opportunity to stomp on a famous person’s head and spread the word about my mediocre existence.”

Here’s a FACT for you to digest: Adam does not go around randomly lashing out an people unprovoked. Anyone who actually knows him, knows this, and this makes your lie incredibly transparent.

From Amber herself as to why she can’t provide evidence of her initial comments:

Adam blocked me on instagram. While creating this blog post, I could still access his instagram via my laptop, as long as I was logged out. I could not, however, access the comments. It gave me the most recent comments without giving me an option to ‘show older’ or scroll up. By that point, my comment had been buried under three hundred or so of other comments.

Here’s what we think. Initial comments from both Amber and her “friend” were quite rude and designed to illicit the response they got. The screen grabs were made, shared over social media - out of context - and voila, we have a witch hunt.

Personally, we think it’s time for a BITCH hunt. Anyone game?

While the Travel Channel hammers out the politically correct way to handle “abuse” of an obscure hashtag, we don’t get to watch a show that’s sure to be ratings surge.

Way to pick your fights, guys.

I’m not saying people with Anorexia or Bulimia don’t need help or a supportive community, but this is the epitome of BULLCRAP.

I stand with Adam. Oh, and look below. I stole your damn hashtag. How you gonna get even with me? Huh?

Ok guys, the Christian hate is really starting to piss me off. To stand there and say, ‘Oh, Islam isn’t nearly as bad’ is a big smack in the face. Who are you fooling? Fine. Go live under Sharia, you’ll be yearning to see a Missionary. I’d bet a year’s pay on it.
Vince “Pissed Off” Wylde




sandrock replied to your post “Just told my dad about the Hobby Lobby ruling, and he’s getting…”

wtf happened????

The Supreme Court ruled that companies can deny covering women’s contraception, I think on the basis of “religious freedom.”

A few of my opinions on this: it’s nice…

Your rights haven’t been violated you hysterical nitwit. You don’t have a right to goods and services provided by other people who object for religious reasons. The court was right to conclude that there are other ways for women to get these services without violating the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1992.

And, besides that, what people have been reblogging is based on only half the truth. Let me GLADLY fill in the blank that someone else left there INTENTIONALLY.

“While it is true that women use birth control for a variety of hormonal conditions, in this case Hobby Lobby already covered several different types of hormonal contraception, they were only objecting to 4 types of abortifacient pills, required under the HHS mandate. Hobby Lobby refused to pay for ‘morning after’ abortion pills, not standard birth control.” -Kristine Marsh


"Liberals seemed to miss the sticking point of this case: female employees of privately-owned businesses are not being forced to give up birth control; rather, the ruling gives business owners the right to not provide certain types of contraceptives in their insurance plan that they deem morally objectionable." -Kristine Marsh

Let’s not declare a witch hunt when one isn’t justified. What people are saying about the company are straight up lies. The media started it, and now, people just latch on without doing one damned OUNCE of research.

The Media has decided the public should hate Hobby Lobby based MORE on the idea that the CEO is a man of faith. They opened the sheep Pen, fed the sheep a line, and the sheep went nuts bahhing right over a damn cliff.

We aren’t even trying anymore.